[rp-ml] Looking back at original (RP)Rapid Prototyping in 2018 -A Discussion. Please Reply

Jim McMahon jim at layergrownmodel.com
Thu Aug 23 20:51:36 EEST 2018

Some rp-ml group members may have been users of RP technologies that
originated over 25 years ago. These first companies sold RP machines and
prototype models were designed for them and made on them. Without talking
about "rapid" (speed) of these machines, I would like to start a discussion
about the usefulness of the models that came off these early machines.
Please assume the machines worked good and the models were completed. Use
today's standards of model complexity (excluding material) but including,
surface finish, precision, undercuts and internal geometric features when
looking back at these early technologies. Some of these early machines
still exists and it may be fun to build a "today's" model on an older
machine to verify the results of this discussion.

My question to the group is this.

Which original RP technology produced models that were "most" useful and
what extra work was needed to get them to this condition? Example of models
from other technologies: A CNC machined model may need to only be deburred
to be useful. A molded model may need flash removed with a knife or cutter.
In this discussion we only want to consider the early RP technologies as
they were first introduced. Example: Z Corp technology came out in 1994 and
how useful were its models in 1994.
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