[rp-ml] AM Research and Education Invitation to Experience the 2D to 3D Inkjet Technology Collection

Jim McMahon jim at layergrownmodel.com
Wed Aug 22 23:02:32 EEST 2018

Many people do not know who I am or how I am connected to the AM world and
because of this I would like to open my Collection of Inkjet historical
items to all Universities for the purpose of awakening the industry. This
sounds like quite an introduction but I think anyone who sees what I have
to offer will comeback and want to dig deeper. Don't go the the Wikipedia
Free Encyclopedia to read about me yet as I am one of the best kept secrets
in the world. I have researched inkjet printing and think I can show how
inkjet printing is one of the cornerstones of the AM technology dating back
before all others. I have information and equipment that is curiously
missing from the more popular reports and ignored or misunderstood by many
in the Field.
My name is James K McMahon and I have worked at Exxon Office Systems
starting in 1978-79 with my focus on inkjet design under John Martner. My
strength with inkjets is with the single nozzle designs of Steven Zoltan.
These jets were dropped by many (?)companies but they still are the heart
of the Solidscape 3D technology that is praised by some to this day and it
may be the oldest continuously used AM technology that actually worked from
day one. The first machines made in 1994 made true Three Dimensional models
with the support structures to allow for overhang features. The first
customer made automotive engine parts by investment casting.
I am asking to be seen and investigated by students and staff of
institutions involved in AM programs. I have a 2D inkjet printer and the
original 3D inkjet printer before it was manufactured
I will be available and  I am open to sharing my knowledge to anyone who
has an interest in the history and technology of single nozzle inkjets.
Please reply to my email address any time.
Make an appointment to see the collection.
Just ask questions here.
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