Vendor Participation

From: Joe Mooring (
Date: Fri Dec 01 1995 - 21:23:31 EET

>Vendors participate by other means. I know they contact people in this list
>*directly*. I would like to see more announcements in the list. In this way,
>one could get updated on new products more quickly. Some vendors
>---and, eventually, all vendors---will have WEB home pages for that purpose,
>but many individuals still do not have access to the WWW. Besides, one would
>have to visit those pages, instead of having the news delivered to one's
>Regards, Andre'

DTM Corporation publishes press releases on a regular basis that describe
new product offerings, customer successes, and general business activities.
 If the members of this mailing list categorize information of this nature
as advertising, then I believe publishing these releases would be

If, on the other hand, members of this mailing list believe that official
updates would be useful and informative, DTM Corporation would be willing
to publish press releases to rp-ml.

Please comment.

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