Re: [rp-ml] STL files

From: Todd Pederzani <>
Date: Thu Dec 07 2006 - 17:12:38 EET

Wesley Brooks wrote:
> Should point three be changed to; 'Each triangle must share at most
> two of its vertices with each of the adjacent triangles'? Consider the
> simplest 3D shape that can be represented by triangles, a triangular
> base pyramid. In this case the rule holds. Go to a square based
> pyramid and you get triangles which share only one point, the sharp
> end of the pyramid.
What I posted was a slight rephrasing of what the help file says. I was
trying to avoid that vague area that is "fair use" in copyright law.

Rule 3's summary is: "All triangles must be oriented in a
Vertex-to-Vertex fashion"

The more full description is: "The Vertex-to-Vertex Rule
Additionally, each triangle represented in an STL file must share two of
its vertices with each of its adjacent neighbor triangles."

> I guess there are enough high up staff from RP machine manufactures on
> this mailing list, why not add the ability to read in a new format
> such as a points and IDs style format?
I would be tickled pink if this list could be used as a policy tool for
achieving change in software. Only the list owner knows who is actually
subscribed, though.

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