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Dear RP-ML,

Scanning is a good business, in combination with RP or on its own.
GOM has many partner companies offering scanning service as can be seen on: These companies have a
deep understanding of the customers needs and the actual market and will be
open to share their experiences with you.

In the beginning of scanning, these companies used the ATOS scanners mainly
for complete Reverse Engineering services. Now most of them do also
scanning of tools and parts for Quality Control and data archiving
applications. The typical applications with scanning connections are listed

RP: Digitize a model (or a model change) with direct "print out" or "mill
out" based on the STL data in different materials & quantities
Quality Control: Verify the Quality of existing parts and tools (can also
be RP parts, compare with CAD data & master parts or measure)
Data archiving: Ready to us tools are scanned as base for upcomming tool
refurbishing and reproduction
Reverse Engineering:
- To get quality CAD data is a tedious job, based on manual expertise, time
and a decent Reverse Engineering software
   (or section data from the scanned data mesh, which can be used as input
into most CAD systems)
- To get low end CAD data, Quick RE modules are available on the market,
which generate CAD-Patch data.
   This low quality CAD data can be used as input for native CAD or
simulation needs.
- Visualisation can accept often moderate quality scan data, but needs high
quality color overlay.
   If 3D display and zoom functionality has to be provided, it is important
to have high quality scan data underlaying the color information
Typical applications of scanners can be seen at:

I hope this helps, with best regards

Ernst Mueller
GOM International AG
Bremgarterstr. 89b Tel. ++41 56 631 04 04
8967 Widen Fax:++41 56 631 04 07
CH - Switzerland

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Greetings List,

We've enjoyed the use of our RP capabilities and recently expanded our
to include 3D laser scanning services for reverse engineering and part

I was wondering if any of you have also incorporated this into your
and if so did you find it was a good marriage of the services for your
 Interested in hearng some experiences.

And if anyone needs anything scanned, feel free to email me. We're using
Geomagic suite of software and are able to produce a variety of file-types.
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