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Date: Sat Mar 11 2006 - 01:29:51 EET

For Immediate Release

Date: March 10, 2006

Contacts: Earl Dunlap and Marty McGough

Total Customer Support Team (TCST) and Manufacturing By Design, Inc. (MBD)
partner to provide Customers with increased functionality for parts post
processed using the new RP Tempering™ process, A Solid Freeform Fabrication

Total C S Team, Inc and Manufacturing By Design, Inc. have entered into an
agreement to work together to further optimize and continue
commercialization of the RP Tempering™ process. Manufacturing By Design has
invented a technology that significantly improves the material properties of
the parts built with Rapid Prototyping technologies also known as Solid
Freeform Fabrication. The improvements gained by using this technology
allow the final part to be much more durable, improves stability of the part
over time and has the potential to pave the way for significantly more
direct manufacturing applications as well as expanding the market for normal
Rapid Prototyping. “This technology has been received very well by the
Rapid Prototyping market place and we intend to support many more
applications for this process in the near future”, comments Earl Dunlap CEO
of Manufacturing By Design. “The major limitation at this time lies in
getting the right tools and training in place for the users to take full
advantage of the technology. Fortunately we have been able to team up with
the TCST organization and utilize their skill sets to greatly expand our
capability in this area. The really good news is that the TCST team has all
the right experience and skills to help drive this process into many new and
exciting applications not available to the RP market in the past.”

TCST has many years of experience working with multiple technologies in the
Rapid Prototyping/ Solid Freeform Fabrication market place and is a leader
in developing process controls and optimization of RP systems. TCST is also
well versed in digital CAD and stl file manipulation, which will be key to
driving implementation of the RPTempering process across all levels of the
user base. “We are very pleased to be partnering with the Manufacturing By
Design team. They are a very creative organization, with an excellent
application that will drastically change the way we look at and use parts
produced by Freeform Fabrication,” said Marty McGough, president and CEO of
Total C S Team, Inc. “The innovative ideas MBD has brought to market now
are tremendous and have the potential to expand this market exponentially
over the next couple of years and well into the future.”

TCST and MBD are currently working on several product enablers that will
provide the users continued improvement and flexibility in applying this
process in their own environment. We will be communicating further
announcements in the coming weeks to keep you informed in this area.

About Manufacturing By Design, Inc.

Manufacturing by Design, Inc. sole focus is to enhance the Rapid Product
Development service industry. Specializing in intellectual properties and
technologies spanning from “Rapid Ideation”™ cost reduction system to RP
Tempering™ solid freeform fabrication prototyping technology.
www.RPTempering.com & www.manufacturingbydesign.com

About Total C S Team, Inc.

TCST is a leader in providing support to Rapid Prototyping Users. TCST has
the unique capability to integrate many years of practical application of RP
systems with advanced analytical approaches to provide support to the users
that will gives them a competitive advantage now and in the future.
Through the use of 6 Sigma methodologies, TCST has been able to develop
process controls to proactively monitor processes providing its customers
with cost savings derived by improved efficiency and part quality. This
same methodology has allowed us to work with our partners to develop the
best solutions for RP system upgrades and reliability improvements.

For more information visit the company website at www.totalcsteam.com, or
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