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Date: Mon Sep 27 2004 - 13:51:21 EEST

I've had similar issues with my silicone molding process. Over much of my
frustrated time, I've received many great suggestions. Anything from TPM -
alcohol rinse, out of date PCA bulbs, using certain silicones (tin /
platinum based), sla resins, pattern primers, etc. Drives you crazy.
I also heard leaving the sla pattern sit for a 3 day minimum period will
let the pattern degas itself. Some sla materials have a high sulfur
content. Placing the pattern in front of a fan helps speed the degas
If you have the time to spare, I recommend leaving your pattern sit for a
few days. If not, you'll have to find someone out there having great
success with silicone molding and ask them what they're doing and what
materials they're using. This approach may require you to change your
material stock, ratio mixers, and possibly limit you to product selection.

Good luck & hope this helps,

David Oblak
Principal Model Maker/RP
Mechanical Design
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Hello Friends,

I am facing problem while making a silicon rubber(Additional cure RTV) mold
using SLA master.The rubber surface which is in contact with the master
surface will remain tacky even after painting or applying a surfacer coat
on the SLA surface and cure it at a room temperature.

Can any one tell us how to over come with this problem.

Vinod Kumar

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