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  Inhibited curing problems as you describe are quite common. You should use a silicone rubber with a platinum type catalyst. It would be more economical to use urethane if possible.
  [In my experience, platinum-catalyzed silicone rubbers are the most likely to be inhibited by various substances, like oils, clays, or other types of rubber. Try a silicone rubber that uses a tin-soap catalyst - they are usually a bit cheaper as well as being more tolerant. If that still has a problem, a urethane rubber might work, but the performance of a urethane mold is usually not as good as a silicone rubber mold.]

  Andrew Werby

  Kiran wrote:

    Hello Friends,

    I am facing problem while making a silicon rubber(Additional cure RTV) mold using SLA master.The rubber surface which is in contact with the master surface will remain tacky even after painting or applying a surfacer coat on the SLA surface and cure it at a room temperature.

    Can any one tell us how to over come with this problem.

    Vinod Kumar
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