please help rapid prototyping

From: Grant Harvey (
Date: Tue Nov 18 2003 - 16:33:56 EET


does the cad model to be used for rapid prototyping require to be a solid
model? can i use a surface model which fully encloses a volume???

i want to use the software rhino 3d to model a car body shell. if a solid
model is required how do i turn a surface model into a solid model and can
this be done on rhino 3d?

...i.e. could i loft a surface, offset this surface, join the two surfaces
formed together to give thickness and then use this for rapid prototyping???

also, if there is anyone who has used rhino, any chance you could describe
the methods taken to take your surface/solid model and make it into an stl

many thanks for any help you can offer me,

Grant Harvey.

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