New Rapid Prototyping Benchmark Study Examines 3D Printers

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Date: Tue Oct 28 2003 - 20:34:01 EET


Edgewood, Ky., October 27 -- T. A. Grimm & Associates, Inc. today
announced the release of a new rapid prototyping benchmark study that
examines 3D printers. This extensive study reports the performance of
seven rapid prototyping systems in the areas of time, cost and quality.

3D printers are affordable and easy to use rapid prototyping systems for
personal, office or departmental use. The benchmark study finds that
five of the seven systems qualify as 3D printers, as illustrated by the
new Rapid Prototyping Index. A ranking methodology that incorporates 13
performance measures, the index rates the systems in four applications
areas: concept models, form and fit prototypes, functional prototypes
and patterns.

Todd Grimm, president of T. A. Grimm & Associates and a veteran of the
rapid prototyping industry, conducted the five month project to assist
companies in their evaluation and selection of 3D printers. Using
independent organizations for all prototype construction and quality
measurement, the benchmark offers an unbiased comparison of the seven
rapid prototyping systems.

"I produced this benchmark study specifically for design engineers who
are trying to select the rapid prototyping system right for them," said
Grimm. "Beyond vendor supplied data, there has been little information
to help companies discover the true performance capabilities of rapid
prototyping devices. Without real-world, user- supplied data, this can
lead to poor decisions when selecting a system."

The 55-page benchmark, which contains 34 charts, 5 tables and 36 images,
reports results for three prototypes that vary in size, volume and
complexity. The benchmark study discovered that there is a large
variance in prototype costs, ranging from $60.53 to $267.85. The expense
measures include system and accessories costs, annual costs, labor and

The report is available for purchase at T. A. Grimm also offers a free
executive summary of the benchmark results at the same Web address.

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