Re: ?InVision Printer?

From: George W. Hart (
Date: Fri Oct 17 2003 - 14:54:12 EEST

Phil Iehle wrote:
> Has anyone out there seen parts from the 3D InVision printer that just
> started shipping? How well do they compare...

I received a sample InVision part and put an image on this page:
It is the third one down. The stl file is there too if you like. I can
send you a higher-res image of the part if you want.

I love the part for my purposes (as a mathematical model) but don't have
a high-res viper part to compare to. The material has a slightly waxy
feel compared to stl parts I have. I was told that this is due to the
wax support material getting mixed into the material.

I would love to have one of these machines.


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