Re: status?

From: Bathsheba Grossman (
Date: Wed Sep 10 2003 - 01:36:54 EEST

On Tue, 9 Sep 2003, thoms1991 wrote:
> Excerpts from the only four responses received:
> people are getting fed-up with the spam!
> list members have grown weary of getting flamed for their input
> many have jumped ship because of the glut of e-trash that comes from those who have access to the list members' addresses
> getting a little tired of getting spammed with out-of-the-office-email-does-not-exist e-mails

That's about the size of it. Much as I hate to be a nagging harpy,
the volume of null messages and spam from this list are not normal --
no other list I ever do or did belong has anything like these
problems. It's a mystery to me why things have been allowed to reach
this point.


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