SLA 250 questions

From: Andrew Miller (
Date: Sat Jun 14 2003 - 19:47:04 EEST

Well I give! It may just be time to give in and buy an SLA machine like
everybody else!

Primarily to add another process to our shop and possibly speed up the
CAD->RTV-> cast urethane process.

>From what I've seen/heard of others systems a 250 would probably do the
trick for us.

However since it's an older machine the 3D systems site no longer has

Any info people in RP land could impart upon us before purchase would be

Build envelop
build speed
Difference between models
software limitations
Maintenace Nightmares

Etc. etc....

I know there is an awful lot them kicking around out there so I'm certian
the knowledge pool is deep enough for me to drown in!

Any help is apreciated!

Andrew Miller (massively out of date)

PS If you've got a machine you're looking to off-load let us know

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