RE: laser sintering of PEEK

Date: Wed May 28 2003 - 16:19:18 EEST

Brian is right to say that I did try to laser-sinter PEEK and have managed to obtain simple porous structure for application as tissue engineering scaffolds. Part of this work has been accepted by Biomaterials and is currently in press. The paper would be available soon and for those with access to Science Direct, you may wish to view the corrected proof of the paper, it is available under "Article in Press" in the website.
I have sintered PEEK closed to the glass transition temperature and there is no need to raise the part bed temperature of SLS to the melting point of PEEK (at about 343 degree celsius). I am still working on it now and the results exhibited the potential of PEEK in tissue engineering scaffolds in particular for bone engineering.
Mr. TAN Kwang Hui
Research Student
Nanyang Technological University, Singapore

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            I have attempted to do this and I think Kwang Hui in Singapore tried
        aswell. The inital results were not promising. I used a 2500 plus
        Sinterstation. The problem as you said is the melt temp of the PEEK. I
        heated the powder up initally and the powder did melt on the pass of the
        laser but with the massive tempersture gradient between the melted PEEK and
        hte surrounding unsintered PEEK it caused the layer to curl dramatically.
        When the roller passed over again the solid laer would be moved by the
            I was also having difficulties with the powder sticking and clumping to
        the roller which resulted in an uneven powder layer.
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> Has anyone tried laser sintering of PEEK (melt temp~400 deg C)? Is it
> possible on a standard DTM/3D machine using higher laser powder and build
> chamber temperature?
> Neil
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