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Date: Wed May 14 2003 - 19:33:48 EEST

The RPML spam is minor compared to all the spam I get. I can read the "To" box and quickly determine it RPML vs other junk.

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It is indeed sad to see that many people have decided to abandon this list as this list has been an imporatnt and useful resources for research student like me (I am very sure Brian will agree to that as well). RP is a relatively new industry to me and I have received and learnt a lot of information from this useful list. As a student, it is very important that we have someone to turn to when we are in doubt and RPML has been a great source and I sincerely hope that it will continue to serve its purpose.
Despite the fact that there have been lots of spam emails lately, I will still consider RPML as one of my most trustworthy source when I encountered problems in my research.
RPML, rest assured that you would have my support.
Mr. TAN Kwang Hui
Research Student
Nanyang Technological University

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        All members of the RPML (Well all that are left),
        I find it a great pity that alot of people are jumping ship at the moment. The list has and I hope will continue to be a source of inspiration, guidance for everyone. I am a relative new comer to the RP scene but I have learnt a great deal from people on the list. I think that everybody who has contributed to the list in their own way has made the RPML.
        As some of you said so we have to deal with General so and so wanting us to mind $20,000,000 in our bank accounts, that's why there's a delete button.
        I hope the list keeps going and my septic tank doesn't explode,
        Brian Caulfield
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        Science and Technology Building
        NUI Galway
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