only 500 microns?

Date: Tue Aug 06 2002 - 16:43:08 EEST

Dear list,

Does anybody tried to produce metallic parts with fine structure using SLS and
LENS technology? I got some contradictory information about minimal feature
size of part possible to produce by these technologies.

So, if anybody has experience (even obtained on laboratiry equipment), it would
be very interesting to hear answer for:
- what the REAL geometrical resolution for parts made by SLS in metal?
- what the real part resolution for LENS technology, e.g. what the
minimal thickness of part made in shape of "wall"?

I heard that for LENS, for example, it is hard to obtain "wall" thinner that
500 microns.

Thanks in advance,

Yakovlev Artem
ENISE, St.Etienne, France
phone +33 06 98 06 16 11

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