Fellows...Time out on Cheap SLA's

From: Rafael Santillan (rsanti@ciateq.net.mx)
Date: Tue Jul 02 2002 - 15:07:37 EEST

Ronald, and all

Relax.. Relax.....remember this mail list is nothing but a list of good
friends all focused to the growing and development of the RP industry.

Ronald, I do apologise for the list if you feel there has been an agresion on
your business, but what you are getting or have been getting for the last few
days is nothing but the response to a free ADD that your partner Robin (which
I do appreciate a lot as one of my best suppliers) sent to the list, which for
your bad luck is composed merely by very clever RP service providers and RP
shops among scientist !! so you have to admit the bad move of the ADD and
forget it.

We all know now for sure the price for a free AD in this list.
So lets use it for what it was meant to be. The best place to share experiences
and information related to the RP industry and avoid free ADS (which are very
costly by the way), otherwise the nice,clever, kind and sharing RP friends
can become a Carnivorous like specie...

So why do not just forget all about this ADD and follow the list owner`s


(I do apologise too for my bad Grammar and Spelling)I am working on it.



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