[rp-ml] Please help me create a Tactile Model Lending Library

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I am asking for help to create what I call a Tactile Model Lending Library.

Imagine you are blind. Your books are either in braille or in recorded
format. There are few if any tactile pictures in your braille books and none
in a recorded book. Science, Social studies, archaeology anthropology and
some stories are much harder to understand.

Now imagine that a teacher opens a box and lets you feel objects related to
the book you are reading. The subjects and stories come alive!

In order to start the Tactile Model Lending Library, I am applying for the
Holman prize. If I win a Holman Prize, I will create a library of 3d
materials that people who are blind can borrow. I will also have files that
can be printed on a 3d printer. Please play and like my YouTube video:

https://youtu.be/TBsgKMKgguE Please use the like button on YouTube.

If I get enough likes, I will be in the final group.

The Holman prize is named in honor of James Holman, the first blind person
to circumnavigate the globe. Thank you for your help.




Robert Jaquiss



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