[rp-ml] Help needed: Need to borrow examples from RP equipment

Harry Moser harry.moser at reshorenow.org
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I suggest asking:

1.	Glynn Fletcher, CEO of EOS near Detroit for 3D.
2.	Greg Jones at AMT (Association for Manufacturing Technology in VA
near DC for CNC machined parts.


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     I need to borrow some example parts produced on industrial 3d printers.
I am making two presentations this fall on the subject of RP and its
application for improving the education of students who are blind. My
presentations are September 14 and October 12. Since many members of my
audience will be blind, I need examples that can be touched. I have examples
from a MakerBot and some very old examples from other printers. I want to
show what can be done with the state-of-the-art equipment. I would also like
to borrow examples produced on CNC machines.  Any help would be appreciated.
Thank you.






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