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Hi Jan,


                Regarding your question on early service bureaus, I attach a listing of 38 North American bureaus from my 1992 report. This is one of a number of sources for this information:


                * “Rapid Prototyping Report” published the “Rapid Prototyping Directory” in 1991 and annually from 1994 to 2000, which included listings for all known service bureaus worldwide.

                * Ennex Fabrication Technologies (my company) published the special report, “Automated Fabrication Service Bureaus” in 1992 with a listing of 38 bureaus in North America (as attached).

                * I’m pretty sure I wrote an article called “Automated Fabrication: The Service Bureau Option” for a magazine called “DesignNet” in 1992, but I don’t seem to have a copy of it.

                * ConnectPress published an industry directory called “RP Direct” in 1997 and 98.

                * Terry Wohlers might have done something similar in his annual reports; I’m not sure.




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A few questions that some might be able to help with.

I have a lot of old magazines that deal with RP news and some have items that I want to make into display items for the (slowly going through them)

One is a full page 3D Systems advert (Without Tooling) from Machine Design 1988 that shows items such as the distributor cap and shrouded impeller.

Anyone got these STL files or the original items?


On our website, Lasercad had some items there was also the Gillette razor (I built this again in 1991 at Formation, Gloucester in Somos flexible resin)

And I'm holding a small exhaust manifold whilst at Formation. (The Razor stayed with me until mid way through PERA 1995-2007 some visitor decided to help them self)
If anyone has these STL files do please contact me.


Who was the person that did the SLA Safety Manual Hasbro Inc 1998? anybody that sent an STL file to him got an STL file of Mr Golf and the CD of the safety manual.

I can not remember what file I sent, but I have found the CD and the STL of Mr Golf.



When did "The Edge" start? (3D Systems magazine, I have some of them but not all)

Who was the first to use RPC 300 ND resin in the USA?

Who were amongst the first RP Service bureaus in the USA?

Anyone have spare Maestro or Lightyear (CD-ROM) installation Discs?



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