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Steve Deak did the “Martha Stewart – Hasbro Safety Video.

I believe that LaserForm (Auburn Hills, MI) Dave Tait and Dr. Al DeWitt among the first. Dave was in Purchasing at GM and purchased to original SLA-1 and Dr. DeWitt was the Research Scientist at GM who was one of the operators. They left and started LaserForm if I remember correctly.


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A few questions that some might be able to help with.
I have a lot of old magazines that deal with RP news and some have items that I want to make into display items for the (slowly going through them)
One is a full page 3D Systems advert (Without Tooling) from Machine Design 1988 that shows items such as the distributor cap and shrouded impeller.
Anyone got these STL files or the original items?

On our website, Lasercad had some items there was also the Gillette razor (I built this again in 1991 at Formation, Gloucester in Somos flexible resin)
And I'm holding a small exhaust manifold whilst at Formation. (The Razor stayed with me until mid way through PERA 1995-2007 some visitor decided to help them self)
If anyone has these STL files do please contact me.

Who was the person that did the SLA Safety Manual Hasbro Inc 1998? anybody that sent an STL file to him got an STL file of Mr Golf and the CD of the safety manual.
I can not remember what file I sent, but I have found the CD and the STL of Mr Golf.

When did "The Edge" start? (3D Systems magazine, I have some of them but not all)
Who was the first to use RPC 300 ND resin in the USA?
Who were amongst the first RP Service bureaus in the USA?
Anyone have spare Maestro or Lightyear (CD-ROM) installation Discs?

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Nice to see you are still lurking the RPML threads Elaine

      Steven Adler, CEO
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Cubital was real private with their brain gear file. For years they were the only company with technology that could build the thing!! Not sure the file ever made it into the public arena. I built several ball and cage items over the years and will try to dig out any files I might have kept. I do still have a floppy drive somewhere in my archive. Wish I had preserved more RP history than I did.


On Oct 23, 2017, at 4:25 PM, Marshall Burns <<>> wrote:
Hi Charles,

                It appears that Thingiverse is not comparing files they receive to exclude duplicates. Thing # 370 submitted by “hoeken” in 2009:
is identical (as confirmed by DOS “comp”) to # 1532 submitted by “mappum” in 2010 (linked below). As I mentioned before, this is also identical to a file submitted to RepRapWiki by “Mappum” in 2008.

                As for floppy disks, I’d need some help in reading those. But would love to hear from Elaine whether she has the gear tree/brain gear or not!

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Brain gears history. I remember them popping up suddenly at Rapid. Last year it seemed like it was large prints of "Groot". Progress? I would imagine that the gear was replicated and optimized by many vendors like Z Corp did with the color version. I can not remember seeing the blocky ended one you point out.

The same brain gear as others have noted on thingyverse was originally posted by Zach "Hoeken" Smith in 2009. Thing # 370. It is interesting to look at his account and see the early progress of makerbot and what they were thinking. Have a look also at thing #16 !

But if you want to turn the wayback dial to 1991 you may have to get some floppy disks from Elaine....?


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Hi Steven,

                The file the other person sent me is available on Thingiverse at:
and on the RepRap Wiki at:
The files at those links are identical. The one at Thingiverse has a date in 2010, the other one in 2008. They were both contributed by someone using the name “mappum” or “Mappum.”

                This is definitely not the original. If you compare it to the photo I linked to below, you’ll see that the original design had much thicker axle junctions with flat ends, as well as a smaller base. Aside from the geometrical differences, it’s also interesting to note that the Mappum design is supplied oriented upside down. This might be intended to make it more easily compatible with devices that use support structures, in which case they would want the lightest part of the object built above the heaviest part. Cubital would not have had to think about such things since it was building in a solid environment.

                So I’m still looking for the originals (or reasonable facsimiles, if necessary). The photos I linked to below are of objects I obtained in 1991, so the STL files to make them were created in that year or earlier..

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Hey Marshall

Blast from the past ... can you forward the Brain Gear file to me. I have been searching my archives but have yet to find it..,

What year was it ?

Steven Adler
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On Oct 21, 2017, at 6:33 PM, Marshall Burns <<>> wrote:
Hi Jan,

                That would be fantastic.. I only got one other response so far, which sent me a copy of the brain gear file from Thingiverse. I was wondering about the possibility of reproducing the CAD from the photographs. It does seem like that would be pretty simple (for someone well experienced in CAD) for the ball in the cage. I would really appreciate that.

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Hi Marshall
If you have problems getting this I will offer to recreate the CAD for this, I'll send you what I can do from the picture. (Ball in Cage)
I have an STL model that comes from 1990 I do not know what the original file name was But I have always called it the G-Cube<>.
A German Field Engineer called "Gunther" let me have the STL file whilst I was learning to operate the SLA250 at Lasercad (Feb 1990)
If anyone from Germany knows where it came from originally I too would like to know this.
The actual model was very helpful when I went from Lasercad to Formation Engineering Services Ltd in 1991 as I got two CAD software companies to try and model from the actual object and The Anvil 5000 struggled as at one corner 3 edges came together with each edge having a 5 mm radius and this was something that that software package struggled with at that time. But Euclid from Matra Datavision was able to do this in solids as well as surface modelling.
How 3D software has changed!

Regards Jan Andrzejewski

On 21 October 2017 at 00:04, Marshall Burns <<>> wrote:
Hi folks,

Does anyone know where to find these two original STL files from 1991, or close replicas?

                * The ball in a cage made by Quadrax,
                                photo at<>

                * The gear tree (or brain gear) made by Cubital
                                photo at<>

There are similar models at Thingverse and some other places, but none of them is quite like the originals. I want to make a physical replica of one of them as a gift for a friend.

Thanks if you can help out.

Marshall Burns<>

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