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All this historical information is something that myself and Jim McMahon
are very interested in.
Mine is 3D from the virtual to the actual ( and Jim ( is very deep
into wax jetting which could have been used more in those early years as a
proper additive manufacturing route but in the UK and Europe foundries were
very slow on the uptake and no money was invested into making them quicker.
I recall back in 1989 (UK first SLA bureau) the third job we did was of an
impeller that after finishing off the supports a Silicone mould was made
and lots of wax replicas were made from this rubber mould. Only a lot of
them never made it as the delivery warehouse was so cold that the waxes
became too brittle to survive the transportation.
Is was not until Rapid Prototyping materials improved in physical
properties that application users of RP started to use them in ways that
allowed the terminology Additive Manufacturing to be used.
But now that so many variations from the REPRAP project has erupted
globally and including a lot of crowdfunded projects the media have rightly
or wrongly used 3D Printing terminology for an extrusion process.
I am not in favour of one technology over another and during the 33 years
of CAD and 26 years of rapid prototyping, rapid tooling, Time Compression
Technologies and R&D working with Formative, Additive & Subtractive
Technologies I like to use the best one for a specific outcome. I would
also like to see more people involved with the whole process of "making"
from using ones hands to the very latest Digital Manufacturing process and
using their 3D printers for prototyping work to develop new and innovative
devices and not just a fashionable object.

I found it quite ironic that not long after 3DSystems changed from one
version of software control and introduction of new machines to get a Plug
'n' Play way of machine operators that EOS were involved in a HIP implant
project to help them produce 50 micron builds with ST ST.
I was even Beta testing resins that could build below the 25 micron limit
of its slicing software.

Only recently I had to get some items re-made from a big named company
because they were built in different orientations and certain hole features
were outside of their quoted build tolerance.
It make me want to come out of semi retirement and teach the correct way to
control these machines to produce more accurate items.

As part of my historic research I would like to get translated versions of
Hideo Kodama of the Nagoya Municipal Industrial Research Institute
published paper. Also William E Masters patent application and Alan Le
Mehaute, Oliver De Witte & Jean Claude Andre patent application ( FR
2567668 A1) as these may contain references to 3D printing.
I also have in storage old computer magazines and their may be a copy of
Computer Graphics World that Marshall Burns talked about, I need to dig
them out and check.

Anybody in the UK that would like to help out with the
collection of old RP applications do drop me a line.

I found out the other day that the F1 driver that the steering wheel shown
on the facebook page belong to Alex Wurz, Bennetton F1 1997

Regards Jan Andrzejewski
Formation Prototypes Ltd

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> No objection here.
> I hope you'll also contact the others that I copied my initial post to,
> Elly
> Sachs and Norm Kinzie, for their input, as well as Chuck Hull and Paul
> Jacobs (I got a private reply from a person who said he thought he
> remembered the term was coined by Hull and Jacobs).
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> I am fascinated by this thread - and learning a great deal from it. It is
> for this reason I am writing to ask if those that have contributed to this
> thread would mind if I use it as the basis for an article and/or blog post,
> quoting you with full accreditation? I believe many others out there, not
> on
> this, list will be interested in the history too.
> I will totally respect your wishes, but either way - thank you for the
> shared information. Feel free to contact me directly.
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