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No objection here.

I hope you'll also contact the others that I copied my initial post to, Elly
Sachs and Norm Kinzie, for their input, as well as Chuck Hull and Paul
Jacobs (I got a private reply from a person who said he thought he
remembered the term was coined by Hull and Jacobs).

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Dear all

I am fascinated by this thread - and learning a great deal from it. It is
for this reason I am writing to ask if those that have contributed to this
thread would mind if I use it as the basis for an article and/or blog post,
quoting you with full accreditation? I believe many others out there, not on
this, list will be interested in the history too.

I will totally respect your wishes, but either way - thank you for the
shared information. Feel free to contact me directly.

Best, Rachel

Rachel Park
RP Editorial Services
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