Who coined the term "3D printing"?

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Hi RP World,


                I used to think that the term "3D printing" originated at
MIT for describing their process that was later commercialized by Soligen
and Z Corp. Elly Sachs wrote a paper about the process that was published in
June 1990 with the title, "Three-Dimensional Printing: Ceramic tooling and
parts from a CAD model." In my 1993 book, I applied the term only to that


                However, I have now become aware of two earlier uses of the


                * Terry Wohlers wrote an article for the May 1988 issue of
"Computer Graphics World" with the title, "3d printing: From CADD model to


                * Norman Kinzie has told me in recent correspondence that he
coined the term and used it in the title of a document he distributed in
early 1988 or in 1987. My records show a document by Kinzie with the title
"introduction to: Three-Dimensional Printing" and dated June 2, 1988.
Unfortunately, I no longer have the paper files with that document. In any
cases, it is dated after Wohler's article. Kinzie tells me that he has in
his possession an earlier version of the document, dated April 27, 1988, and
that he believes there were versions prior to that but that he cannot find
them at this time. Since magazines usually come out in advance of their
cover dates, it is likely that Wohler's article was on shelves prior to the
earliest available date of Kinzie's document.


                According to the above, it appears that the earliest known
use of the term "3D printing" was by Terry Wohlers. Does anyone have any
information to either support or refute that?





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