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From: Deon de Beer <>
Date: Tue, 10 Jan 2017 21:29:59 +0200

Dear Ismail

With pleasure.

Just a question - we have two different AM activities at NWU (South
Africa). One focuses on the occupational health side of AM, and is
rather unique, internationally. Would it be possible at all to submit
two contributions for NWU?

I look forward to hear from you, as it is very difficult to cover both
within the allotted 75 words............

Kind regards


On 2017/01/04 09:21 AM, Fidan, Ismail wrote:
> Good morning,
> I am working with Wohlers Associates to include an important section
> in Wohlers Report 2017, an in-depth study on the developments and
> R&D trends in additive manufacturing (AM) worldwide. The section,
> titled /Academic Activities and Capabilities/, provides a summary of
> latest activities from the AM institutions and R&D centers around the
> world. So, I am seeking input from all kinds of educational and
> research institutions that are involved with AM at this time.
> Would you please submit a brief (~75 words ~550 characters) summary
> that describes your primary research and/or educational focus and any
> noteworthy or recent advancements, announcements, or breakthroughs at
> your institution/R&D center? The comments should be related to AM.
> Attached form was developed to make the submissions easier for you and
> our editorial team.
> Would you please provide your brief summary by February 1, 2017 I
> would appreciate it very much. Let me know if anything is unclear.
> All my best,
> -Ismail
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> Associate Editor, IEEE Transactions on Components, Packaging, and
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> Associate Editor, International Journal of Rapid Manufacturing
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