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For the record with permission from Thomas Sorovetz. .

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  I don’t remember how to reply to the RP-ML so feel free to forward.


  From my recollection, the .stl file was originally created in 1985 by
Dave Albert (Albert Consulting) for the 3D Systems SLA-1 and ended up being
the de facto standard. In 1991 Cenit (Germany) wrote a program called
C-Slice that would use the surface data to create slices that would be used
to directly run the SLA-1.

Aries Corporation was the first CAD Company to imbed the .stl file
translator in their software followed by Autodesk. Several companies such
as Brock Rooney also wrote .stl translators as well.

Resin was original developed by UV Products (Chuck Hull was employed by UV
Products, developed Stereolithography while employed there aand was granted
the licenses and started 3D Systems)

Ciba Giegy made the initial resins followed by Loctite, DSM DesoTech and
UCB Radcure.

Support structures were create in CAD and saved under a separate model do
to file size until Ray Bradford (ex 3 D Systems employee) started Solid
Concepts and wrote a program call Bridgeworks.

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