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Hello Jan:

Update on Visual Impact Corporation date of filing for the legal name was
10/27/1989 by Basile, Salvatore G. in the State of New Hampshire, USA
The last annual report was filed on 3/30/1993. This company is listed as

Additional information (This company was formed first in this name and then
in the 2nd and final name, Sanders Prototype, Inc. and this is still in
good standing)
<> 204394
<> Corporation Merged

<> 233326
<> Corporation Good
Standing 7/13/1995

Sanders Prototype, Inc licensed the two material Helinski Patent first and
manufactured the Modelmaker 6 Pro starting early in 1994. This 3D printer
used wax and Thermoplastic material. I sourced Pixelmaster Inkjets and
Howtek Cyan and Yellow Thermoplastic material when I started working there
in March 1994. With 32 inkjets per Pixelmaster machine, this helped get
this product up and to customers. I was quite a challenge to get 2D inkjets
setup for 3D models. The key was fluid filtration in the printheads and
reservoirs. When I arrived they had problems and inkjets only lasted a few
weeks. That was quickly remedied with filtering.

On Tue, Dec 6, 2016 at 10:19 AM, Jan Andrzejewski <>

> For me the date of the patent for two materials is important as this would
> allow true 3D printing, allowing overhangs. (patent number and date?)
> What companies licenced this from Howtek? would also be a question I would
> like to find out.
> I have always been brought up (since school) with the terminology of 2.5 D
> as being raised in the vertical plane as a simple extrusion.
> Having geometric features in other planes is true 3D.
> Did Howtek test if the thermoplastic material was of low ash content so
> that it could be used in the investment casting process?
> I was involved with an EU thematic network project that looked at the use
> of RP and 3D models etc in the foundry industry (mid 1990) and the shocking
> thing was how little and slow the uptake of TCT was in the foundry industry.
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