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Date: Tue, 4 Oct 2016 18:21:40 -0400

On 10/4/2016 06:07 PM, Charles Overy wrote:
> I think people on the list know your work and like me are thinking how
> the heck are you going to scan that shape ! All the amazing geometric
> detail etc. Perhaps what you need to scan are not your most complex
> parts? Â

No I just want to scan simple things. Rocks.

> I have done some scanning of small items with a David scanner (which HP
> just bought). One was a piece of gold jewelry that was about 50 mm on
> a side. I can't speak to the absolute accuracy but the trick was to
> spray it with white spray. Welder developer works fine. It washes
> off the metal. The David scanner is not fast and is more than your $1k
> budget though. Â

I wouldn't kick one out of bed, but as you say their structured light
products are not in my budgetary reach.

> If you have a high quality digital SLR camera you could try a demo of
> photomodeler, photoscan or the like. This will only work if the object
> you want to scan have surface texture. Â The point here is that if you
> already own a high quality camera, you get to leverage that instead of
> rebuying optics.Â

Well, all the scanner kits that work with your phone are basically doing
that. It is rather a question why there's no high-profile cheap kit
that works with a DSLR; as you say that should work better. Something to
keep an eye out for, maybe.

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