RE: Scan data for 3D printing

From: Makai Smith <>
Date: Thu, 22 Sep 2016 13:07:55 +0000

MeshLab will do it. Imports PLY, exports STL.

....ahh the ole Cyberware head scanner. I had the pleasure of scanning the multitudes as a volunteer at SIGGRAPH 2000. The scans reminded me of daguerreotype portraits, the facial expression being of someone told, "Hold still and don't look at the camera!"


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(Thanks Seppo, for getting the list breathing again after this message bounced this morning!)

Hi folks, can anyone help with this question from a scanning expert?

"I know the scanners inside and out, but I don't know much about using the data. Recently I got an inquiry about 3D printing a Cyberware head scan. The guy wants to know the easiest way to take an old Cyberware "ply" file and send it to a printer. The people I know use expensive commercial software like PolyWorks, Maya, Geomajic, and Zbrush. Do you know of a free or very cheap package that could import a ply file, allow for some editing, and export a print file?"

Thanks for your help.

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