Where is the best place for this collection?

From: Marshall Burns <ListMail2_at_Fabbers.com>
Date: Thu, 5 May 2016 17:43:52 -0700

Dear RP-ML,


                In the 1990s, I kept a collection of many objects fabricated
on the various machines known today as 3D printers. I also collected all the
conference proceedings, as well as other books, newsletters, and other
documents. Now that 3D printers have become well-known, it appears that this
collection may be of some historical interest. I would like to find a new
home for it, preferably in a library, museum, university, or other
institution that would make it available to the public and interested


                The collection has 90 fabricated artifacts and over 300
books and periodicals amounting to over 23,000 pages, as well as dozens of
video tapes and over 500 photographic slides. I have also obtained
permission from a number of clients to include our reports produced for
them, previously confidential. And with that, I've also released previously
confidential Ennex documents, including business plans and our presentation
to Mattel.


                A complete inventory, with photographs and descriptions of
every item in the collection, is available at www.fabbers.com/relics .


                My question is, where is the best place for this collection?
Is there a library that would like to acquire a complete collection of all
the books and conference proceedings published during the first decade of
this technology, as well as every print issue of the "Rapid Prototyping
Report"? Is there a university that would like to have a collection of
several dozen objects fabricated during the earliest days of this technology
by machines made in the US, Japan, and Israel?


                My second question is, is there a new online forum or
mailing list that serves the purpose today that was served by the RP-ML in
the 1990s, where people subscribe in order to communicate with each other
about what's going on in the industry? I'd like to send a notice there about
the collection.


                If you see any errors in the online exhibit of the
collection, please let me know.


                I'd like to thank the many members of the RP-ML who were
part of the great adventure that led to the accumulation of this collection.



Marshall Burns


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