Automated Fabrication book available free online

From: Marshall Burns <>
Date: Thu, 5 May 2016 17:41:26 -0700

Dear RP-ML,


                I'm happy to announce that the first major book on 3D
printers, Automated Fabrication, published by Prentice Hall in 1993, is now
freely available online at:



                It's a large file - a 93 Mb, 400-pg pdf.


                I am doing this in connection with the subject of my next
e-mail - offering up my collection of resources and artifacts from the


                If anyone knows how to reduce the file size while
maintaining quality, please let me know. I believe it's so large because I
scanned the whole book in grayscale to get good quality reproduction of the
photographs. I was able to reduce the file size to 51 Mb or to 25 Mb by
saving it with compatibility with Acrobat v4 or v6, respectively. But doing
so introduced little flecks of grey in the background. The effect is very
minor for v4 and more noticeable for v6. I've so far opted to keep it with
the highest quality at the cost of the large size. I'm open to suggestions.


                I hope today's 3D printer enthusiasts may enjoy learning
about the early days of their technology.



Marshall Burns

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