Stratasys CEO bonus

From: Marshall Burns <>
Date: Wed, 7 Oct 2015 13:41:43 -0700

Hi, if anyone is still here.


If anyone is paying attention to Stratasys stock, there is a shareholder
meeting on Friday with a proposal on the agenda to approve a
nearly-half-million-dollar bonus for the CEO, based on "performance as a
company in relation to his target goals for 2014."


I find this strange since the market value of the company slid nearly
continuously throughout all of 2014. Then in early 2015, the company lost
another 30% of its remaining market value when it announced that it would
miss its announced targets for 2014.


I wrote to Stratasys shareholder relations and asked what were the "target
goals for 2014" that were achieved by the company in order to merit the CEO
bonus. They wrote back to the goals used by the board to approve the bonus
are proprietary and are different from the publicly-announced goals.


This seems suspicious. Can the company afford to be paying out a
half-million-dollar bonus in its current position? Are the execs milking the
company of cash in anticipation of its collapse or low-priced acquisition?
Can this kind of action be justified under the board's requirement to look
out for the interests of shareholders?


Does anyone have answers to these questions or know where else to ask them?


Thank you.



Marshall Burns

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