PhD or full time employment in AM field

From: Tristan <>
Date: Tue, 07 Oct 2014 06:15:01 +0200

Good day,

 My name is Tristan Gerhold, a mechanical engineer from South Africa. I recently obtained my masters in engineering (cum laude) where I used various additive manufacturing technologies in a process chain for the manufacture of prostheses. 

Although I am currently working as an engineer for the railways in an R and D department, I would like to become involved full time in the additive manufacturing field. I am passionate about researching new concepts and seeing those concepts applied to exisiting problems in industry. 

That being said I would like to go on to either study a PhD is the additive manufacturing field or to work for a company who is carrying out research and development work within the additive manufacturing arena. If anyone is aware of any opportunities or has any advice or suggestions please let me know. Any feedback would be highly appreciated.

Kind regards
Tristan Gerhold
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