3D Printing of Photograph with Oil Painting Relief Effect - 3D Print like Carbon Process

From: Mustafa Umut Sarac <mustafaumutsarac_at_gmail.com>
Date: Fri, 8 Aug 2014 01:01:08 +0300

Hello there,

I am an photographer who wants to print his photographic prints with 3D
printer.I want to add these photographic prints have a gelatin relief ,
blacks are thicker , greys are less thick and highlights the least.If I
want to do it at my lab , it is highly toxic process.

I want a company print these files but I dont have a idea how 3d printer
prints the tones and the relief.How many tones can a printer could give ,
how much the relief would be precise , which company can print such a print
? I know there is van gogh prints but no access is possible .

Thank you for your interest ,

Mustafa Umut Sarac
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