Dying SLS Nylon and Glass Filled Nylon Parts

From: Jordan Fults <jordan.fults_at_dielectriccorp.com>
Date: Wed, 23 Jul 2014 13:52:37 -0500



I am hoping to get some pointers on dying SLS nylon and glass filled nylon
parts. I have been experimenting with some different techniques to see which
would be the best and have found a dye that can be brushed on which gives
the parts the color that I want. The issue with this is that it is extremely
difficult/tedious to get the color even across the part as well as get color
into small features.


Lately I have been trying to use RIT fabric dye to color parts because
soaking parts to color them appeals to me. I would think that soaking a part
in dye would yield a more even color throughout the part and eliminate the
effort of getting dye into small features. I am not, however, getting the
results I'm looking for with this technique. Parts are not coming out the
color that I'm trying to achieve. All of the colors seem to be faded and do
not come out as dark as I have seen other peoples' parts in various blogs.
Would anyone be able to give me some pointers or even a step by step process
on soaking parts in dye to color them?


I am open to any suggestions available (types of dye, ratio of mixing,
additives to dye, pre/post-processing of dye, etc.)




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