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Date: Sun, 23 Mar 2014 21:18:54 -0500

hi all,

i am trying to fulfill a request to get a couple of models into the hands of the folks at the Institute Henri poincare in Paris and i thought i had a lead for this about eight months ago but it seems to have fallen through. originally i thought to work with someone in Europe since IHP is in Paris but now i am thinking that i should just try and get this done. is there anyone that might be able to help me defray the costs on this and at the same time get some interesting models into an interesting institution? i think there is a decent chance that they will decide to incorporate more RP into their collection from this series.

in any event, IHP is a very famous department of mathematics with a world renown collection of classical plaster mathematical models and they have expressed some interest in getting a couple of my recreations (these were not digitally scanned but were created with my own mathematical equations).

feel free to contact me off-list.



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