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Greg S. brings up a good point about using Rhino for the conversion.
There is also a limit of 20,000 facets for such a conversion. For a
complex organic shape it usually just won't work. However if the shape
is reasonable simple Rhino can be a great tool. Once you use the
"meshtonurb" command in Rhino you'll have a file that you can edit. You
can then use the vertices of the facets to place curves on the model to
create a nice smooth surface. It is a bit tedious, but if all you have
is a rough STL file and need it smooth it works quite well. I did a
model earlier this year that was so bad I needed to ask for dimensions
because the designer used the defaults in ProE and it was beyond ugly.

As Greg S. said... What is the goal? Does it need to be surfaced,
modified, etc....

Tracy Taylor

On 2/1/2014 9:24 AM, G. Sachs wrote:
> That will force each facet to be made into a seperate surface - don't
> want to do that. Besides, all part making machines can now use STL
> directly (including CNC systems). So, not sure what the goal is here,
> since you won't automatically get smoother surfaces.
> G. Sachs
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> Hi Doug,
> Rhino <> has a demo with 25 free saves that you
> could use for that. Just *Import* it and then *Save As *an IGES. But
> I'd suggest that you go with STEP instead.
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> We are in need of a conversion service to transform an STL file that
> we have into an IGES file for creating an aluminum mold.
> Please respond to Doug at
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