Re: DTM/3D Systems Sinterstation DOS box problem

From: Lino P. Stavole <>
Date: Wed, 06 Nov 2013 10:38:15 -0800

I've had a similar issue with another brand of machine. It seemed that the cmos battery was dead. At that point bios consistently reset itself and was looking for a drive that was not there. Once I replaced the battery I was able to go into bios and select the correct drive.that resolved my issues. That'd be my first place that I would look.

"Lohfeld, Stefan" <> wrote:
>Hi All,
>We have a Sinterstation 2500plus with the old DOS box, installed about
>year 2000. I'm currently facing a communication problem between the two
>Whenever I start Sinter, the communication with the DOS box fails.
>Everything seems to be fine with the scanner computer and the FrankBDS
>scanner software, as it start normally and awaits connection with the
>Windows PC. However, when I run "Sinter" on the attached PC, the DOS
>box screen lists an error and shows the prompt.
>This happens all the time. The "Sinter" software shows "communication
>with scanner failed", but it can't be fixed by the routing we use when
>this error message comes up from time to time.
>I figured that the FrankBDS software on the DOS box exits. It shows
>"invalid media type reading drive D", but actually, there is no drive
>D. In DOS I can swap to d:, but when I enter DIR, I again get the error
>message "invaIid media type reading drive D". When I check the drive
>with FDISK, I can see there are two partitions on the HDD, one is C,
>and there is a second one nearly the same size, but unnamed (no drive
>letter) and obviously not formatted.
>Should there be one? Not physically, obviously, as there is only one
>HDD and one floppy disk drive in the case. But is Sinter expecting
>something on D:, so it crashes everytime Sinter is being started?
>Could anyone of you running a Sinterstation and the old DOS box whether
>there is a D: partition and which files are on it, if any? Maybe Sinter
>in Windows just tries to store temporary files, and all I need to do is
>formatting the second partition to become drive D:
>Any help in this matter is highly appreciated. I hope there is someone
>out there who still has the old DOS box.

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