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I was thinking that I should send an e-mail to the new system to see if it was working, but based on this thread, the ol' rp-ml is back. For those of you that might be newer to the list, when you reply to this address, it goes to hundreds of your industry brethren around the world.

All we need now is a lengthy 'fabber' debate and a few flames.

Welcome Back.

(Nice to see you can still read and type, Charlie)

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Hi Charlie,

When you write "Why would i be in this?", what/where exactly are you in? Is there anything I can do? Does it hurt?

Cheers mate,


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Why would i be in this?

Charlie Norton
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Hi Doug,

Do you have a 3D CAD? .iges or .STEP would be preferred as this is for Rapid Tooling and Injection Moulding.


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Subject: Request for Quotation

Chatham Research has initiated a proposal to substitute 3 D PLA parts in lieu of painting some parts of the lures that are sold under the Got Stryper name.

The parts are needed in 3 colors-white,black, and pink.

The volume of each part is approx 0.18 cu. inches with a diameter of 0.65 inches and height of 1.2 inches.

Initial quantities needed are 10,000 of each color.

If your organization has the resources to deliver the above within a three month schedule, please respond to this email and we will include your organization in our list of possible sources.

Assuming a modicum of success with this new product, the probable expansion to 50,000 parts of each color is anticipated.

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