Re: [rp-ml] Comparison of ABS parts from Stratasys and Others

From: Markus Hitter <>
Date: Thu, 27 Jun 2013 18:58:56 +0200

Am 27.06.2013 17:28, schrieb Robert Jaquiss:

> I would also like to see comparison data. I am totally blind and
> read braille so I have a good sense of touch. I have felt one part from
> a Cube printer (February 2012) and parts from Stratasys and 3d Systems
> machines. The parte from the Cube had a rougher texture than those from
> the more expensive systems. In my opinion, the best way to study this
> would be to have the same part made by several different systems.
> > Has anyone done a comparison of part quality (strength,smoothness,etc)
> > between the Stratasys systems and other less expensive systems
> > (Cube,etc). We would like to see the results if possible.
> >
> > <>

Not to disappoint owners of these $100'000 machines, but for me it's
hard to imagine why a $400 RepRap should print parts substantially

Strength is a matter of the used plastics and the layer bonding, i.e.
the nozzle/room temperature it was printed with. Texture is mostly a
matter of layer thickness. And you can fill any plastics - as long as
it's available as filament - into a RepRap and print it at any
temperature and layer thickness imaginable.

What you're really asking for is a comparison of different plastics and
different printer settings. And this can be set for every print or even
every layer individually.


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