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Very interesting – you see Massive Dynamics doing a lot of press releases.
 Apparently they’ll be at the Inside 3D Printing Expo:
Good hunting.
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Hello all:
No - it's more BS. What it says is that their elusive president Oscar
Hines will attend. Has anyone else EVER made a news release about the fact
that they personally were ATTENDING an industry event? Well, Oscar has.
I also spent time trying to find out about this organization and also came
up quite empty. One possible scenario is that it's an attempt to
manipulate their stock's price by giving an illusion of deep involvement in this
now well-publicized field. For example, if you can pump the price from 4
cents to 8 cents, it may not sound like much, but holders double their money.
I bet Oscar has a passel of stock.
Thanks to Seppo and Hannu for the many years of service they've provided.
It would be nice if the list could reside at a university in the future, and
as was discussed now several years back. There certainly should be someone
 remaining on the list that's affiliated with an appropriate academic
organization. It may serve to insure impartiality and also that the discussion
remains as wide-ranging as possible.
Should the list go on at all?

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