[rp-ml] Formlabs 3D Printer Coming Soon

From: David Cranor <david.cranor_at_gmail.com>
Date: Sun Sep 23 2012 - 01:50:14 EEST


I'm a cofounder of Formlabs, a new company (well, we're not THAT new, we've just been very quiet for over a year now) which is developing a low-cost, high resolution 3D printer. The founding team met at the Media Lab at MIT, and we have some pretty great investors - Mitch Kapor, Joi Ito, and Eric Schmidt's Innovation Endeavors, to name a few. We're doing what we're doing because as users of RP technology ourselves, we were frustrated at the lack of truly professional quality 3D printers available at a price that individual users can afford.

I've heard some of the same sentiment echoed on this list as a long-time lurker, so I just wanted to write and let you guys know that we're going to be announcing some pretty awesome stuff on Wednesday morning (Eastern time). I can't reveal anything else at the moment other than that it will definitely be worth your while to be one of the first to check it out once everything goes live. So stay tuned!

Back to work.....

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