[rp-ml] Universal Joint at Advances in Architectural Geometry, Paris (Sept 27 - 30th)

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Universal Joint (Jonathan Chertok) is pleased to be able to present the results of ongoing research at the poster session of Advances in Architectural Geometry 2012 Conference being held at Centre Pompidou in collaboration with Aurelien Lemonier, Curator of Architecture Department at MNM-CCi and the Ecole Nationale Superieure d'Architecture Paris-Malaquais. This work is the result of a hybrid design build practice based out of Austin, Texas that began with a project that involved the digital recreation of a classical mathematical model collection in Goettingen, Germany.

Effectively we are focusing upon pre-rationalized methods for architectural form creation that are made possible by developments in scripting and discrete differential geometry (or so-called "architectural geometry").

The work being presented is not specifically RP-based but my feeling is that over time this new world of "architectural geometry" and rapid prototyping will begin to merge.

- Jonathan

Poster preview here: http://formpig.com/blog/?p=7157

More on classical mathematical model recreation: http://formpig.com/blog/?cat=35

AAG2012 here: http://aag12.architecturalgeometry.at
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