[rp-ml] Rapid Prototyping error modeling

From: Qais AlKhazraji <qaiszakry_at_gmail.com>
Date: Wed Mar 28 2012 - 17:26:22 EEST

I am very glad to contact you and I hope that my email reach you. I am
working on project regarding rapid prototyping. I am dealing with Object 3D
machine. My concern is the following:
As you know every machine has an error which leads to imperfection in
manufacturing. Therefore, if we design a plate with certain thickness and
populate its surfaces with pins and assume that we are tackling five
variables for this design, i.e. pin diameter, flatness of plate surface,
perpendicularity, pins center to center, and pin center location in x-y
plane. I would like to build a model in which I will predict the effect of
one variables on the others. For instance, how much that error in pin
diameter can effect the perpendicularity design variable and so on. By that
model we will be able to see which significant error has more load on other
design variables. I appreciate your time and help. My cell phone number is
646-596-5035 .

Qais Y. AlKhazraji
PhD Candidate in Industrial Engineering and Operation Research
Penn State University
University Park
204 Leonhard Building
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