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From: Olaf Diegel <>
Date: Tue Jan 24 2012 - 20:53:44 EET

Hi Alan,
I havent cast in lead, but your wall thickness, at around 2.5mm ) would certainly be relatively standard for aluminium casting and, for that, you could just cast normally. You could even print the mold on a z-corp machine and cast into that.
I suspect that your bigger problem will be the solid 25mm hemisphere which will probably have a quite a bit of sinking on it as the lead cools, and could cause distortion on your thin wall.

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We are looking into casting a thin lead wall (0.1 inch) cylinder with a length of 1 inch which is capped with a 1 inch hemispherical solid.
We have not done any casting of thin lead walls before and are wondering if anyone on the list has experience with this.
Our first choice is to spin cast this type of part.
If you have done any thin wall lead casting, your input would be appreciated.
The final part must be rugged enough to survive rough handling.


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