Re: [rp-ml] Helysis LOM 1015

From: Nagy Attila <>
Date: Thu Nov 03 2011 - 04:58:11 EET

Dear Ed   In the last couple days I’ve been getting closer to solve the LOM 1015 mystery. I started with the laser pickle as you recommended. I traced the wires back to the 2M40FC switch board. The wires are connected to pos. 29 & 37. I traced them to the other side of the ribbon cable. #29 checked out OK while #37 did not. I checked then all the rest of the switch board (~146 connections) and all of them checked fine to their corresponding pins (where the ribbon cable connects). Except #37… I took an old ribbon cable and soldered directly into its #37 lead, and connected the lead to those two wires residing on the switch board (jumpering the switchboard’s printed circuit). Powered up the machine. By the time windows started the computer started smoking… The #37 on the ribbon cable I connected burnt completely off the insulation. Turned the machine off, labeled the wires connecting to the switch board, and slid off the switchboards from their socket. On
 the back side of the 2M40FC I could see the #37 burnt too. Pictures are here:  This had happened before, and probably this was the cause of the computer not being able to communicate with the laser. The switch board’s printed circuit acted as a fuse. And now I added a new fuse (cable) and it blew it too. So now I know there is a ground (short circuit) somewhere and if I find it I should be able to fix this. There are only two cables connected to #37. One from the pickle, and another goes directly into the laser. And I’m afraid to pop the laser open. Any ideas? I really, really appreciate any. Thank you. A. ________________________________ From: Nagy Attila <> To: Ed Tackett <>; "" <> Sent: Monday, October 31, 2011 5:13 PM Subject: Re: [rp-ml] Helysis LOM 1015
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