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From: Nagy Attila <>
Date: Mon Oct 31 2011 - 23:13:00 EET

Ed. Thanks for the questions, and help. From your questions I can tell right away you’ve been working on this machine a lot J -       The pickle (long wire hanging from the right side of the machine, ending in a red button) does not work. There is a green switch on the laser, which if it’s turned on gives me aiming, so I can see the red dot on the paper. I purchased this machine from a company in Miami in Florida, who (allegedly) picked it up on an auction. Since the guy told me that the laser works (the paper was burnt under the focusing head) and I’m a strong believer of machine and things having second life – I purchased the machine. I was thinking the laser is the big ticket item, and if it’s fine I should be able to fix this machine. Then I saw the galil controller being advertised for $4k… -       If I move the laser and heat roller around (while the machine is off) and I turn the machine on, it’ll run into the initial position. Although the heat roller moving mechanism sounds like it’s grinding (electrical grinding) while moving. When the machine is in off position it moves smoothly, so I’m thinking there is some mismatch in communication between the step motor and it’s controller and encoder. If I launch the LOM slicer software and try to do an encoder test, there are three options. Only one of them is working (producing actual movement) and it’s the heat roller. -       I took the board out, cleaned them with compressed air, and cleaned the contacts on both the motherboard and board with a contact cleaner spray. I checked them for physical damage, reflowed solder, missed soldering spot and burnt components. -       I do not have a maintenance key. Or I did not find it just yet. -       I checked the ribbon cables, there is a 20-26-40-60 pin cable. I found some separation between the neighboring cables (within one ribbon) and some torn insulation. I measured each cable and found some open ones, and some other with large resistance difference (1.35 ohm instead of 0.52 for the rest of the pins). So I decided to make new cables which I did. I made sure the cable pinout is the same. I think over the years when the computer tray was moved in and out the cables might have gotten pinched into the tray’s sliders. -       Before I bought this machine there were other people tinkering with it, I presume, so I do not know the “operational” position of some of the switches. There are two on the roland plotter power board. One push (which is I guess the ON/OFF) and another slider switch. Dave Campo. Thanks for the advice. I would have contacted sibco, but I’m afraid my budget would not allow it to me. I’m working 8 hours a day beside this project, and raising a family of 3. I’m working on an engine design and I’ll need a lot of molds to create. This machine would be perfect for me if I can make it to work. Also using butcher paper would be much cheaper than buying ABS plastic. It gives a better resolution too. If there is one way, I’ll make this machine running. My English is too poor to tell you guys how much I appreciate any information you give me. Thank you so much, again. ________________________________ From: Ed Tackett <> To: 'Nagy Attila' <>; Sent: Monday, October 31, 2011 3:16 PM Subject: RE: [rp-ml] Helysis LOM 1015 Does the laser fire using the pickle ? Does the machine initialize ? (X,Y, Z) Did you reseat the boards ? Clean the board contacts ? Make sure the maintenance key is not in the on position ? Check the ribbon cable and make sure all the pins are straight and the ribbon is not skewed on the connector (Very common on the old LOM machines)   Cheers,   e- [] On Behalf Of Nagy Attila Sent: Sunday, October 30, 2011 7:56 PM To: Subject: [rp-ml] Helysis LOM 1015   Hi Everyone   I recently purchased an old Helysis LOM 1015 system. It turned out there is a communication error between the computer and Laser board. I'm not sure if the board is faulty, or the system is too old, but I want to fix it. Anyone has an idea where can I get a second laser board, even for troubleshooting purpose? Any ideas how can I troubleshoot it otherwise?   Thank you   Attila NAGY
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