[rp-ml] ZCorp and Objet Models Technical Question

From: Jonathan <chertok22_at_gmail.com>
Date: Mon Oct 31 2011 - 01:57:34 EET

Hi All,

I think I worded the original question somewhat vaguely. I'm wondering if there is a precise way to respond to questions such as these so that I am being relatively technical in the response. Say I was responding to a curator.

1- Smoothness: You speak about "velvety". Is it possible to draw lines on it or to paint it?
2- Robustness: Is not it too fragile. Is it possible to make a casting
of it?
3- Rendering: Is it possible to apply a protecting varnish?
4- How long will the powder stay in shape? One year, ten years?...
5- What is the maximum size that your machine can produce?

Also, I assume in both cases that the color of the model effectively lasts for a very, very long time? Is there a requirement to keep either of these out of direct sun for best results? Is there a temperature range to keep them in in either case for best results?

Thanks for any help,

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