Re: [rp-ml] Problems with Dimension SST?

From: Olaf Diegel <>
Date: Tue Oct 11 2011 - 09:47:05 EEST

Hi Juha,
The only time I've had support material problems on our SST was when the support material was past its expiry date. It caused all sorts of problems, including sticking to the reel, but mainly just not extruding properly, or sticking to the platform properly. What's the expiry date on yours?

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Hello RP-world,
Just thought I'd ask - anyone else having truoble with Dimension SSt
support material? We didn't have any problems for the first years, but
recently the support material seems to "stick" to the reel. This has
caused the support material to break multiple times - and it breaks
before entering the print head so nothing wrong there. After searching
the cause from everywhere, we finally opened the support casette a
while back - and the material was actually sticking to itself and it
was really tight. After loosening a couple of rounds of material from
the spool everything is ok again.

Tha annoying thing is that the machine doesn't realize it's missing
support - so it keeps on building in the air - ending up in a ball of
material in the build chambre...

so I'm curious - are the any other Dimension users out there with the
same problem and has anyone come up with a solution?

Juha suokas
C-Advice Oy
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