RE: [rp-ml] 3D Systems Acquires Alibre

From: Taylor, Tracy L PWR <>
Date: Tue Jul 19 2011 - 19:41:24 EEST

By 8:15 am I had 6 emails in my box all with the same basic message...3D
Systems acquired Alibre. Is this good or bad?
This could be good if 3D Systems takes a great product and injects
development money to make it even better. With 3D Systems at the wheel I
just hope the licensing doesn't get too crazy to where I need to look
for another cad system at home. A couple people have said that maybe
they bought Alibre just to prevent the competition from using the
product. I think it's more like they bought it before the other guys had
a chance. Several people I know that are working from home went for the
3D Systems+ Alibre package deal and are quite happy. The CAD system was
a big selling point to the back yard designers I hang around with.
My question is... What will Paul Grayson do next? I was a huge
Micrografx fan. I'm now an Alibre user (and fan). I wonder what's next.

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3D Systems Acquires Alibre
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